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Choosing a wedding cake in 2019 is often a fun task for many couples when arranging a wedding. The arrival of the wedding cake is a highlight of your wedding. Its a unique personalized creation.The sweetness is meant to represent sweet wishes for your future together. When it comes to choosing your wedding cake, the options are truly endless. The latest 2019 wedding trends offer a little bit of something for everyone from traditional buttercream cakes to small fondant masterpieces and brushstroke cakes. Many couples love the idea of a wedding cake moment but not every couple actually loves to eat cake. Today couples prefer to opt for a smaller cake in combination with a buffert of their favorite desserts. Think of chocolate mousse, brownies, cupcakes, macarons, donuts, tiramisu, mini cakes or fresh fruit. Couples consciously choose a small cake because not everyone likes sweets and there are many people with allergies because of that half of a cake sometimes ends up in the rubbish bin. To help you get started with finding the perfect wedding cake we give you some great tips. We also scoured the internet to find the latest and greatest wedding cake and desserts trends. Bon Apetit!

Kokokamera Wedding Trends
Trend 2019: Unique and personalized creation.

How to choose a wedding cake: your budget 

It is important to set limits what you want to spend and how much space you still have in your budget because complicated or time-consuming cake designs cost a lot of money. That is why you first have to think carefully about your design. Do you have a specific theme or color for your wedding in mind? Then try to make this theme come back in your cake. Do you opt for a unique piece or for an organic home made cake? Determine in advance which style you like. Fondant cake, with cream spread, round, square, let yourself be inspired on Pinterest and determine your style in advance. Keep in mind that design is important but the cake should also be nice. From the moment you start discussing a design with your pastry chef, you need to know what budget you are going to spend. The new trend of 2019 is a smaller affordable cake but also keep in mind that all those little extras in a dessert buffet also have a price that can quickly rise. Assume that you depend on how many guests come to your wedding that a cake can cost a minimum of € 150 – € 500, a design cake can sometimes go up to € 1000.

Kokokamera Wedding trends
Photo By Photosbylanty Wedding Trends 2019: Floral Style Elements.

How to choose a wedding cake: The taste test

If you know what type of wedding cake you want to order, then it is time to make a taste appoiment. At specialized stores you can make an appointment for a taste test so that you can taste different tastes in advance, usually against payment. The cost of a tasting session varies. You can assume from € 22 to € 35. If you buy the wedding cake in the end, often nothing is charged for the tasting. Are there several flavors that you prefer? Or do you want to give the invited guests more choice? Then you can also have a wedding cake made in different layers and flavors. 

You can also tempt your guests with a total and distinctly new taste such as filling with lime butter cream sprinkled with limoncello or a champagne cream in combination with caramel. During the taste test, keep in mind when you want to serve the cake. The choice of serving can be important in choosing the taste of the pie. You also best consider the season when you serve the cake and the location. Fresh and sweet flavors finished with fresh fruit taste best in the spring. In the autumn you can choose a heavier taste like chocolate truffle. When you serve champagne during your wedding cake, you can best choose a light taste. Choose a taste that is particularly good and especially one to talk about. And do not forget to order a pie without actually tasting it.

How to choose a wedding cake: Order the dream cake

Have you found the perfect dream cake? Keep in mind that some suppliers use a certain delivery time. Some even have a waiting list. An extra point of attention that many couples forget that transport costs are not always included. Even if the cake has arrived well on location, it is important that you can make the cake cold for the cutting or not. It is important to know at what temperature the cake can be cooled because nobody wants to eat a sour cake. When you rely on a third party that brings your wedding cake to the right location, it is best to also meet up if something goes wrong who will pay for the costs. 

Kokokamera Wedding Trends
Trend 2019: Classic white frosting with white pearl necklace pie.

Wedding cakes trends 2019

Just as with wedding dresses and wedding decorations, wedding cakes are also sensitive to trends. The styling Wedding trends for wedding cakes are known. 

Ribbon Trim 

In 2019 you give your cake a little more feminine flair, finish off your cake in a swath of ribbon. 

Textile Motifs

In 2019 the bohemian chic style will be incorporated into your cake. Designs such as macramé, brocante or tassel designs are beautifully processed in a piece unique. 

Hand Painted Art Wedding Cake. 

Botanical style paintwork and whimsical illustrative effects are top of mind for couples. 

Classic white frosting

Who likes a classic and sleek design opt for a white pearl necklace pie. 

Dessert buffet and sweets

In 2019, dessert buffets must also make room for a long table full of candy in theme color. 

Blow your guests over with a delicious ending! Kokokamera certainly does not forget to photograph your showpiece!

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