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A recognizable dilemma soon someone from your friends or family will marry and now you are hopelessly looking for a nice wedding present for the bride and groom. Surprise the loving couple with a beautiful unique On-demand Snapchat Geofilter during their wedding day.

Snapchat Weddinggift Geofilter By Iymix
Snapchat Wedding Geofilter A Collaboration By Kokokamera & Iymix

A Snapchat Geofilter is an original gift that evokes extraordinary memories after years. Let Kokokamera & Iymix design your unique Snapchat wedding logo for the evening party.

Snapchat On-demand Geofilter

What is a Snapchat On-demand Geofilter? A Snapchat On-demand Geofilter is a graphic overlay with beautiful and personalized visual elements that you can add to your photo or video snaps. You can set this personal geofilter in a certain area eg: People who are present at the evening party can share photos and videos with your unique filter. Kokokamera designs your Snapchat filter and ensures that you can upload this filter correctly on the Snapchat website. We ensure that your filter meets all the technical requirements that Snapchat sets.

Uploading a Snapchat Geofilter

When the filter is ready, you submit it to Snapchat. Go to: Snapchat and upload your filter. Determine the time limit and location of the geofilter yourself. The larger the location and the duration of the filter, the more expensive the price. You immediately see the cost price. Keep in mind that Snapchat also checks the filter again. This usually takes 1 to 2 days. Then you get an approval from Snapchat that your filter will appear on the evening party of the bride and groom.

How Snapchat makes your marriage even more beautiful.

Make Snapchat Stories with your friends during the evening party. Save and export the most beautiful moments to never forget them. The bride and groom will be eternally grateful to you. Because a Snapchat Geofilter brings people closer together.

Snapchat Weddinggift Geofilters By Iymix
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Have Kokokamera & Iymix create a unique logo.

Take photos and videos to keep forever. Kokokamera recently started a collaboration with Iymix. Iymix specializes in slideshows, graphic editing and video montages. Would you like to give an original wedding present to the future bride and groom? Then buy an Iymix’s Snapchat voucher now. Contact Iymix first in connection with the location and duration of the desired geofilter.

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